Is the college application process for Fall 2021 driving you crazy? There’s a better way to apply to college.

With many experts predicting 2021 to be the worst year ever for college waiting lists, prospective students and parents are naturally feeling anxious making a decision.

If you are in this situation, you are probably asking yourself: Should I wait for my preferred university’s response well into the summer, or make a decision now and accept an offer that I am not too happy about? With all the uncertainty around COVID-19, should I skip going to college altogether this year and wait it out? Is it even worth it to pay thousands of dollars if most of my classes may be virtual and I may not get to meet my professors and fellow students in person?

While some universities are making plans for a modified 2021 re-opening, many are still struggling to adapt their antiquated and behemoth administrations to the needs and wants of their students. It is 2021, and the process to apply and get into college is still unforgivably time-consuming, confusing, and costly. Not to mention, despite the academia’s statements otherwise, the admissions process is still very much superfluous and discriminatory.

While there has been a recent emergence of alternative ways of education like online education companies, online universities and open-source MOOC courses, neuroscientific and psychological studies continue to prove that in-person education produces the highest academic and best socio-emotional learning outcomes. Furthermore, the need for a high-quality, in-person, affordable university education, is even more pressing today in the face of global competition. Unfortunately there are very few institutions in the USA currently offering a stress-free and equitable admissions process, or providing the future-proof instruction that students want and parents expect.

Stratsi Kulinski, President and CEO of NewU University says: “Parents and students should not have to endure the stress of having to wait for an admissions decision for months. There is no real reason for university admissions teams to not be able to review and make decisions more quickly.” NewU is different. We heard the pleas of parents and students, and took out all the stress and inefficiency out of the application process. We are open for applications on a rolling basis, until our seats are filled. Our application process is easy and quick, and completely stress-free. We give applicants a decision within 24 hours. No essays, no application fees, no waitlists. Plus, because of our innovative and efficient operating model we are 70% more affordable than other private nonprofits, and our tuition is lower than most public universities as well! No more paying off student loans for life.

Apply here today, get a decision tomorrow.

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