New University Offers In-Person Bachelor’s Degree Programs in 3 Years and 70% Less Money

NewU ( just launched groundbreaking programs in person, not online, to offer much needed affordable, high quality, and stress-free college experience to university students from across the United States.  The new university is also our nation’s capital first new private nonprofit undergraduate school to call our nation’s capital home in over 100 years.

The newest entrant in the Higher Education space bursts onto the national stage with a highly differentiated and innovative offering designed to tackle head on some of the biggest challenges college students and parents increasingly struggle to overcome, such as student debt, graduation and job placement rates, and student wellbeing.

Tuition at NewU is only $7,500 per semester, with programs designed to complete in just 3 years, not 4.  This means that total tuition for a NewU student over the entire course of study, even without financial aid, is 70% lower than other private nonprofit universities, and lower than most public colleges1.

NewU is also innovating by completely taking the stress out of applying to college.  In addition to its low and affordable tuition, the university is removing all cost, stress, and anxiety from the application process.  NewU pioneered a radical redesign of the traditionally lengthy, stressful, and exhausting process of college applications.  Prospective students fill in a completely free online form in less than 10 minutes, attach an electronic copy of their high school transcript and photo ID, and submit the application at from their computer or mobile phone.  In another first in Higher Education, NewU also removes a major anxiety factor from the process as applicants get a decision in record time within 7 days from applying.

This unique university launches with a first class of students and in-person (not online), programs in Washington, DC this Fall.  NewU offers multidisciplinary, practically-grounded, and future-proof courses and majors designed to equip students with the skills and tools needed to succeed in a world of unprecedented uncertainty and constant change.  Students gain practical knowledge and real-world skills, critical thinking, collaboration, resilience, intercultural proficiency, and the propensity for lifelong learning.  These are some of the key success factors in our new normal, where Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, rapid innovation, and demographic, pandemic, and financial shocks change not only the job market, but entire industries and societies overnight. NewU’s inaugural programs in Creativity and Innovation Leadership; Entrepreneurship; and, Psychology and Human Behavior, are purpose-built to enable students to succeed and find happiness wherever life takes them.  NewU and its programs are licensed by the Washington DC Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC). In a unanimous decision, the 5-member Commission granted a license demonstrating that NewU meets and exceeds all standards of quality for universities in our nation’s capital.

Stratsi Kulinski, NewU’s founder, President & CEO, said: “Many talk about Higher Education reform, but meaningful action just can’t come soon enough.  Students and parents continue to struggle mightily to pay for college, and way too many live with the dire consequences of crushing student loans, starting but not finishing college, and woeful employment prospects, all because of the failed promise of a Higher Education system that refuses to embrace systemic restructuring and reform for so many years now.  At NewU we believe in leadership by example, so we took action to tackle these challenges.  We built a brand new university from the ground up.  We implemented everything that works well for students and parents at a great university, and threw away everything that doesn’t. Higher Education done right is a powerful enabler of a life of purpose, service, and prosperity. Education is the great equalizer, but not when it burdens us with heavy student loans, gives up on us before graduating, or fails to prepare us for the future.  Our children, neighbors, and friends deserve much better.  It is time for a new breed of university.  It is time for NewU.”

NewU is now accepting applications for its first ever class of students for this Fall at or [email protected].

Scholarships and other donations to NewU are tax deductible per IRS regulations.  Support a NewU student by making your gift at today.

About NewU
NewU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  We are licensed to operate by the Washington, DC Higher Education Licensure Commission.  We offer affordable, high quality, stress-free Bachelor’s Degree programs in person, not online, in our nation’s capital.

Our vision is that in the next 10 years other leading universities will adopt our operating and academic model for the benefit of students, parents, and society.  Visit our website at today, or email us at [email protected].


1 vs. the average posted tuition of 4-year private non-profit universities and 4-year public schools (US Department of Education data 2019)

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