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NewU is the first private nonprofit undergraduate university to call Washington, DC home in over 100 years.

Our Vision is that by the year 2030 other leading universities will adopt our business and academic model to transform Higher Education for the benefit of students, parents, and society.

NewU is not your old university. We do things differently. Faster, cheaper, better. We built NewU from the ground up. We took everything that works in college education, and removed everything that doesn't. That is how we are able to offer a high quality, stress-free university experience in person in our nation's capital at wow prices. Welcome to a new breed of university. Welcome to NewU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most universities spend a lot of your money on costs that have nothing to do with the quality of education students get. Almost 50% of a traditional university’s budget goes to expensive buildings and lawns, 10% goes to faculty research including conferences and trips, and another 10% to sports teams, sports infrastructure, and hospitals. We built NewU from the ground up, so we had a chance to fix all this. We spend money much better. We lease space dynamically based on class sizes to optimize costs, we pay our professors only to teach and to advise students, and we don’t spend anything on sports organizations and facilities. And don’t forget – our Bachelor’s Degrees take only 3 years to earn, not 4. When you put all of this together, you get high quality academic programs for 70% less money.

At NewU we believe in the value and advantages of in-person education.  We will always conduct classes on campus, except if expressly prohibited by law.  The COVID-19 vaccine rollout and recent regulatory developments indicate that universities will most likely be able to hold in-person classes going forward. In the unlikely event of a future government-mandated shutdown, NewU will partially refund or credit student tuition based on the particular circumstances at that time.

Yes, that’s exactly right.  Our experience and multiple studies show that this is the strongest most reliable predictor of academic success in college.  Everything else doesn’t even come close.  So even if you send us test scores, essays, recommendations, or portfolios, we may find some of that entertaining or exciting, but we will still only look at your high school GPA to make a decision.  Applying to college doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming.  All you need is your high school transcript, your ID, and 2 minutes of your time to submit the online application form. We made it completely free, and we will let you know if you are admitted within 24 hours, so you don’t have to stress out for too long.

Yes, we do. NewU tuition is already 70% lower than other private nonprofit universities, and even lower than most public universities, too.  We make admissions decisions entirely on the basis of your high school GPA, without consideration for your ability to pay.  Once admitted, students can apply for financial aid, and we have various scholarships, financial benefits, and payment terms that are available to students who have a demonstrated need. More information is available on the Cost page of our website. We are also the only university in Washington, DC metro area to freeze tuition for the 3 years of your studies at NewU.

To reduce the total cost of education to you and your family, we structured our 3-year Bachelor’s Degree programs where you still earn 120 credit hours and a full-fledged BA diploma, yet you don’t have to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses for an entire extra year.  To do that, we made the typical semester only 2 weeks longer, so you still have all major holidays and seasonal vacations available to you, and we scheduled classes Monday – Thursday after 10 am, so that you can have a balanced life and a stress-free college experience.


Apply today to join our first class of students and make history. Applying is free, takes just 2 minutes, and you get a decision in 24 hours.

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