Shorter. Affordable. High Quality.


Our Bachelor’s degrees take only 3 years to earn, not 4.

And you won’t even break a sweat – semesters are only 2 weeks longer than usual, and classes meet only Monday through Thursday.

1 %
Less Money

Tuition and fees for the entire program total 70% less than the average cost of attending other private nonprofit universities.  NewU costs less than most public universities, too.

See below for yourself.

1 %
High Quality

NewU is licensed to operate by the DC Higher Education Licensure Commission.

This means our programs, faculty, and staff meet or exceed all applicable university standards.

Quickly check if you qualify for one of our many scholarships

Full-Tuition and Partial Scholarships Available Now


$ 7,500
Per Semester
  • Program is 3 years, 2 semesters per year


$ 750
Per Semester
  • No hidden fees

NewU Tuition Relative to Others

Source: Institutional websites, February 2021.

NewU Bachelor’s Degree programs are designed to take only 3 years to earn, not 4. All other universities require students to pay for a 4-year program.

“Tuition freeze” means that NewU will not increase the posted tuition for the 3 years required to graduate . NewU is  the only university in the the DC metro area to make a Tuition Freeze guarantee to its students.

Financial Aid

NewU Scholarships

If we award a NewU Scholarship to you, your tuition may become even lower than our already affordable posted rate.

NewU Scholarships may be used towards tuition only.

Sponsored Scholarships

NewU may award Sponsored Scholarships from externally-funded gifts or grants to NewU.

Sponsored Scholarships may be used towards tuition only.

Sponsored Stipends

We may award Sponsored Stipends from externally-funded gifts or grants to NewU.

Sponsored Stipends may be used towards any NewU expenses.

Installment Payment Plans

NewU will review installment plan requests, and approve them at our discretion based on the individual circumstances of each student.

Need-Blind Admissions. Need-Based Financial Aid.

What does it mean?  NewU makes admissions decisions without any review or consideration for a student’s financial need.  Once admitted, a student may be eligible for Financial Aid solely on the student’s financial situation.

This is another one of many ways in which we stand out from other universities.  We admit students based on their ability to succeed at NewU, not on how much they can afford to pay.  We then allocate Financial Aid to those who need it the most.  This way we strive to ensure a more equitable access to higher education, and a fairer outcome for all our students. 

Refer Friends, Earn Tuition Credits

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Friend Enrolls

For each eligible friend you refer who ultimately enrolls at NewU for Fall 2021, you both earn $500 tuition credit towards your first semester bill*. That's right - you could get $500, and your friend could also get $500 towards NewU tuition!

Get Tuition Credits

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. Just fill-in a separate form for each friend and submit. You can earn up to $5,000 in referral tuition credits when you and eligible friends you referred enroll at NewU**.

* as long as we did not already have your friend’s contact information. ** offer has no cash value, and can only be applied towards tuition balances for Fall 2021.

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