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You can email us at [email protected] to check the status of your application at any time.

The applicant or the applicant’s duly authorized representative (“Applicant”) signing above understands and agrees that this Application and any other information received by NewU as part of the admissions process are the property of NewU and shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone other than NewU representatives, except at the discretion of the NewU President.  NewU’s total liability in the event of an unauthorized data breach or other liability arising from the use or misuse of applicant data shall be limited to application fees paid by or on behalf of each Applicant.

The Applicant further agrees that NewU is a private institution, and as such, retains the right to terminate a student’s matriculation at any time his or her academic performance is seriously deficient, his or her conduct becomes injurious to the maintenance of good order or to others or disruptive of an academic atmosphere, or if the student is found to have engaged in conduct, before or after matriculation, that violates NewU’s standards of conduct, mission, values, reputation, or integrity.

The Applicant also affirms that the information and statements submitted during the admissions process is accurate and true. The Applicant understands that NewU may take disciplinary action, including rescission of admission and dismissal from the university, if information or statements submitted during the admissions process are untruthful or false. If the Applicant received assistance from a third party in completing the application, the Applicant takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the information that was submitted.

The Applicant will notify NewU as soon as practicable of any changes to the information submitted in the application, even after the application was submitted.

By providing a copy of the applicant’s documents along with a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification card bearing the applicant’s portrait (or likeness), Applicant certifies that the attached documents and government issued photo identification are the true, exact, and complete copies of the originals issued to the applicant. Applicant understands that providing false or misleading information or documents is punishable by fine or imprisonment and may carry liability for repayment of any funds received on the basis of the information and documents provided to NewU.

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