Goodbye Waitlists!

Last year was quite unusual for college admissions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year promises to be even more unusual because of the increased number of colleges each high school student applied to. This has led to an unexpected dynamic for many waiting to hear whether their application has been Approved or Denied – enter the dreaded Waitlisted status!

Because colleges are unsure how many people they admit will actually join their class this Fall, now more than ever, they are putting applicants “on hold” and waitlisting many for admission. This status means a student is neither admitted, nor denied admission. It is something akin to being in limbo in a holding cell reserved for those who could potentially be admitted, but just not right now.

If this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for college applicants, it is because it is exactly that. No one deserves to be told “you are not quite good enough, but we may run out of other options, so let’s put you on the side bench and see what happens”. If a romantic partner did that, the vast majority of people would just not put up with. So why do so many college applicants tolerate this bad behavior from colleges?

At NewU University we do not waitlist people. We tell applicants whether they are admitted or denied within 24 hours of application. That’s just how we do everything – transparently and above board.

So if you have been waitlisted at another college and are losing sleep over it, and may be even some of your self-confidence and self-respect, just do yourself a favor and apply to NewU today.

Goodbye waitlists. Hello NewU. Welcome to a new breed of University. Welcome to NewU.

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