Stress-Free College from Start to Finish

When you apply

We took all the stress and anxiety out of the application process. All you need is your school transcript and an ID.

When you are here

We tamed all major stress factors during your NewU studies. We even hired a Chief Happiness Officer.

Core Courses

Prior to specializing within a Major, all NewU students are expected to complete a set of required core courses, which lay the foundation for lifelong academic and professional career success.  These courses are all scheduled during Year 1 of your NewU experience, and each new student is automatically enrolled. This way we made your first year of college even easier by pre-configuring the most interesting, useful, and expertly-designed courses for you, so you don’t even have to worry about course registrations, withdrawals, section swaps, instructor selections or changes, and all the related complexities of academic life as a new college student. All course descriptions are in the Student Catalog.

First Year Class Schedule for All Students

Fall Semester

Spring Semester


All NewU students who wish to graduate with a degree in one or more majors must successfully complete all courses required for their chosen major, and at least 4 courses from the electives towards their major. All NewU students may choose to take up to 4 additional electives from another major or majors at no extra cost as part of their NewU program, as long as the course is below capacity and not oversubscribed by other students who need the course to graduate.

All course descriptions and requirements for each major are in the Student Catalog.

Understand Human Nature

Psychology and Human Behavior

required for major

electives towards the major

Be Your Own Boss


required for major

electives towards the major

Transform Any Organization

Creativity and Innovation Leadership

required for major

electives towards the major

Our future-proof academic program is all about nurturing and graduating Educated Persons in a collaborative, stress-free environment. When you complete the program, you will possess practical and marketable analytical skills, and have outstanding written and verbal rhetoric abilities. You will embrace lifelong intellectual inquiry and learning, and have advanced intercultural understanding and global insight. You will also command a broad social and political understanding of our contemporary world and trends, and the resilience needed to succeed. These skills, knowledge, and traits will serve you extremely well in our increasingly uncertain and dynamic world where automation and AI, rapid innovation, and pandemic and other disruptions change not only jobs, but entire industries in an instant. NewU supercharges your ability to thrive, both personally and professionally, as you blaze your trail wherever life takes you.​
Dr. Elena Krumova
Chief Academic Officer
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